The Divergent series is by far one of my favourite series that I have read.  Now if you are familiar with the books or movies then you might understand me when I talk about the factions; like Tris I would go with Dauntless. Maybe for their bravery, how they jump off buildings, jump off moving trains or maybe for being heroic. I love how they face their fears and try to overcome them, especially Four, his determination to beat his fears inspire me greatly. His fear of being beaten up by his father, close spaces, heights and killing innocent people. 

I am pretty sure I have more than 4 fears, starting off with my fear of spiders and I am not planning to overcome my fear of spiders anytime, ever. I’m not going to list my fears because I have many but I love challenging myself and facing each fear, I love the adrenaline I get and also the feeling of accomplishment after I face my fears. I love taking risks-that will better me as a person that is. I love fighting for things I have a passion about, especially for the youth of today. 

I have a love for most of the factions as each faction classifies citizens based on their values and aptitudes.
Dauntless- bravery, Amity- peacefulness, Erudite- intelligence (defiantly not where I would go), Abnegation- selflessness and Candor- honesty.
Personally I value all of them. fa7f024de6396e26bc91d03e2d86e4b2.jpg

I want to be brave and courageous, I don’t want to cower away when a storm comes at me, when the enemy attacks, I want to be confident in the peace that God promises us so I can be peaceful under any circumstance. I want to be intelligent in choice making and to be alert for other things that may come at me and to make wise decisions. I want to be selflessness, to think of other people rather than myself, to serve everyone out of God’s overflowing love and I want to be honest, honesty is something that so many people value but not many people actually practice at being honest. A lot of the time we aren’t even honest to ourselves. 

God has given us these values but many of us don’t have an aptitude to some of these but we can certainly practice them by continuously seeking God in all that we do, by spending quality time with Him everyday, by seeking out what His character and what He wants us to do. 

Just reflecting on the series got me thinking ‘how does this relate to the world we live in today?’ Though maybe it’s not ‘factions’ but we all divided in groups.
Abnegation would be similar to monks, nuns, doctors, nurses, counselors and so on. Those people who give up their time to help other people.
Dauntless, firefighters, police officers, soldiers and just people who risk their lives on a daily basis for people.
Amity, peacekeepers around the world who promote peace to everyone.
Erudite, Surgeons, scientists, people who thrive off knowledge for their jobs.
And Candor, judges.

So many of my friends finished Year 12 last year so a lot of them were stressed out about their atar scores
 because for some reason that determines what Uni they go to and what they study, it’s kind of like the aptitude test that the characters in Divergent have to take to see what faction they belong to. Sometimes on a daily we take that test to see what friendship group we belong to and a lot of us we can be friends with everyone so we belong to many friendship groups or we don’t belong to none at all, we become ‘factionless’. “Without a faction, we have no purpose and no reason to live.” (Divergent, pg 20) Sometimes that is how we think, if we cannot fit in, we have no purpose, we have no reason to live. We determine our worth on the fact if we can fit in or not. It is kind of a sad reality. So many lives are lost to people thinking that they have no purpose and no reason to live because they have no friends, or they don’t feel like they belong anywhere, so many lives lost to bullying and mental health issues. 

I have read this series many times and I still get shook at what happens in it and the fact that I can relate to a lot of these characters in so many different ways.  

Going back to the start where I was talking about Dauntless and their bravery for facing their fears and dealing with them. I overcame a fear of mine the other day, I was able to look and ask a question to my [half] brother’s dad without having a panic attack, no flashbacks arose, no shaking happened and I didn’t cry. I have been able to forgive him and God was holding me through it, I had His strength in me. The last time I had spoken to him would have been the incident that had taken place 2 years ago. Nothing I have done would have been possible without God. 

This is quite short for what I normally write but check out my other blogs and get ready for next week’s blog, Meaghan’s Adventure Part 2! I’m off to Sydney for Colour Conference (Hillsong’s Women’s Conference). I’m believing for miracles, spiritual growth and conformation for a few things, I’ll tell you all that next time! 

Have a good week and remember how valued and loved you are. You are a child of God!



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