Who am I?

Starting at 18 years old as a New Years resolution to blog to impact lives across the world by just simply sharing God’s love and to open up my personal life to the unknown. To now a 19 turning 20 year old living across the country from where I started to volunteer for Youth For Christ and see young people’s lives being transformed by the power of God.

I am all about vulnerability, honesty and truth. I have a desire to see people set free, to know God and to use every gift I have to use it to give God the glory and this is just one way. I am on a fun, crazy, powerful journey and would love you to come on this journey with me.

Writing used to be my escape to get away from reality, to express things that I could never talk about, it was my world that I was safe in. Now writing is a way to connect me to people, to share experiences, to share reality with other people who are trying to escape.

Coffee, Writing and a whole lot of Jesus sums me up really well. 

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