A new year resolution, to start a blog and to stick by it.
An 18 year old who hopes to impact many people, who has faith in God that He will use me, an 18 year old who wants to share love, to love everyone just as Jesus did.
Hope, Faith and Love. 3 main things people live by or say. I want to live by it, I want to challenge not only myself but people around me. I want to create, I want to build people up. I want to show people there is more to life and to live life at the fullest, to not take every day for granted. I want to share the truth, which is Jesus. I want to share about His unconditional love and I want to share my journey also. What I will share are going to be about life,the struggles that we face, recovery, my life and Jesus. Can I challenge you to take in what I say and to apply it to your life?

I grew up with a broken family, an abusive stepfather with no hope whatsoever, I thought it would never end. I then was diagnosed with a few mental health issues and dealt with it by hurting myself. I didn’t know how to express myself or how to deal with it. I was constantly put down and I hated myself, I resented myself, I didn’t understand why I was alive. Its been a struggle to get where I am but I have then discovered writing, Jesus and my dance group eleven88. I want to be able to help people and share what I have been through in hope that I will be able to impact at least one person’s life.

Writing has always been a massive passion of mine. I used to write stories on a daily basis but I have found a few way to indulge in this passion of mine, by blogging.

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