Battle Cries and Battle Scars

"You want to make this a fight of flesh and blood. But its not. Its spiritual with the powers of darkness. The enemy is afraid of what you can truly become. You need to turn this over to God right here, right now." -King's Faith 'In my desperation I prayed, and the Lord listened; he... Continue Reading →

Me… mental health, faith journey, love, and again, me.

Trigger Warning From my past few posts you can see that I am pretty into Jesus yeah? You can see that all I talk about is Him. The thing is, I love Jesus and He gave up His life for us, for me. All because of His love. Love... Something that I am very iffy... Continue Reading →

Enough, Am I Enough?

Enough: determiner & pronoun 1. as much or as many as required adverb 1. to the required degree or extent  We often get this thought running through our minds at one point in life, for some of us maybe we think this everyday. We struggle with the concept that maybe we are enough. Our minds belittle ourselves,... Continue Reading →

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